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Stainless steel welding, stainless steel fabrication, carbon steel welding, carbon steel fabrication

Providing high quality pipe coded welding for both carbon steel fabrication and stainless steel coded welding

Whether providing on-site welding services, for piping and general fabrication or working in our workshop we guarantee best quality workmanship from our experienced team

We oiffer ASME coded wedling and EN coded welding for the industrial, food, oil & gas, pharamceutical, power and petrochemical sectors

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What We Do

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Pipe & Vessel Fabrication

With over 40 years experience in the stainless steel pipe welding and vessel business our experienced stainless seteel coded welding team allows us to offer ASME coded welding and EN coded welding in MIG, TIG and Manual Metal Arc Welding. So whether you need on site welding or vessel coded welding in our workshop we can meet your requirements.

We work daily in thicknesses up to 100mm with Carbon Steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 Stainless Steel and Aluminium, as well as with the more exotic heat and corrosion resistant Duplex Stainless Steels building ASME pressure vessel and PD5500 pressure vessel

We will manufacture and repair, piping and pressure vessels to your design, or we can design your equipment for you with our 3D CAD and piping software providing the confidence that you will get what you want


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Sheet Metal Work

Working in carbon steel, mild steel, aluminium and stainless steels we can design and develop any shape for forming into the final finished product that you want.

With tooling to roll, press, cut, drill, turn and bend sheet metal we will be able to form any shape that might be needed, whether working from a detailed drawing, or a simple brief, our experienced ASME coded welders will weld it together, permanently.

Sheet Metal

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General Fabrication

With an extensive track record in producing custom built fabrications in Mild Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel for a variety of industrial and domestic customers over the last forty years we have probably already made what you need for someone else and can bring that experience and expertise to your project so that you know it will be made correctly to the best quality

From simple trays, cabinets, steelworks and supports to complicated enclosures drainage systems and assemblies our team will support you and your site all the way from intial design, through the fabrication, to the delivery and installation of your project, to your requirements in the timescale that you need.


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Industrial Kitchen Steel Work

Our inhouse engineers can design and fabricate any stainless steel fabrication for industrial and commercial kitchens, from simple splashbacks to robust benches, hoods and trays in high quality stainless steel to the exact requirements that you need.

We will ensure that your equipment is built to the highest hygiene standards with best quality welding finsihes to ensure that there are no crack, pockets, dirt or food traps so that you know that you cleaning processes will be effective.

Our engineers are fully knowledgeable with the very latest UK and European hygience standards and our workshop will will produce smart, hygienically clean equipment that can be safely used for the production of food.

For complex shapes we can produce a 3D model and drawing so that you can see exactly what you will get and how it can be fitted into its location.

Food Industry

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Industrial Metalworking

We design and fabricate new stillages, heavy duty stillages, permanent and temporary storage bins, racking systems, crash barriers, mesh storage cages, post pallets, cage pallets and dividers, secure warehouse storage compounds and towable roll cages.

Our design offfice can produce both standard and custom designs in mild steel, carbon steel and stainless steel with equipment painted or galvanised as required.

With our 3D design and stressing capability we can show you what your job will look like before it is built as well as ensuring that your equipment is built for the job.

We can also repair and maintain existing installations and equipment with site welding, finishing and straightening, whether on an emergency call out or on a scheduled basis.

Industrial Metalwork

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Security Barriers and Railings

We can design, manufacture and install new security barriers, access barriers, railings and safety fitments, which can either be designed and installed overtly so that their function is unmistakeable, or by the use of inovative structural design and careful selection of finishes we can obscure the true security function of the installation.

Our expert design and fabrication team will work closely with you to realise the exact arrangement that you need, whether it is a simple security gate to complex railings and barriers, and of course, should it be necessary, we can always add a decorative touch.

Security Metalwork

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